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Menham Entertainment DJs and MC's can cater for all musical tastes. Whether you love dance, pop, or soul, we have the right DJ / MC for your event.


Menham Entertainment is a select group of three dedicated and professional DJs / MC's who have built up their reputation in wedding and party venues all over the UK. Each DJ has the skill to encourage a party atmosphere with their track choices.  They have the expertise to know when to talk and when to let the music speak for itself.

Scott is the Head DJ / MC and MD of the company, he has been DJing for over 7 years. Scott self taught himself the ropes of DJing from a very young age. Scott Specializes in DnB, Club Classics And Chart Hits he can skill-fully mix live to create a truly bespoke playlist.

DJ Scott Menham

DJ Kevin Menham

Kevin is a DJ for Menham Entertainment, he has been DJing for over 5 years. Scott taught Kevin the ropes of DJing. Kevin Specializes in Classic Music, 60's, 70's 80's and 90s.

DJ Chris Edwards

Chris is a trainee DJ / MC for Menham Entertainment. Chris is the newest addition to the team.  He has been in DJ training for 3 Months. Scott is teaching Chris the ropes of DJing and is hoping Chris will soon be a Professional DJ working for Menham Entertainment. Chris Specializesin DnB, Club Classics, Trap, Rap and Chart Hits.