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Insurance & P.A.T Testing

Menham Entertainment are proud to be members of the AMPDJ Alliance Of Mobile & Party DJ's, therefore we hold 10 million pounds public liability cover.

What Is P.A.T Testing?

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Most electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination but some types of defect can only be found by testing. However, it is essential to understand that visual examination is an essential part of the process because some types of electrical safety defect can't be detected by testing alone.

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is a necessity, as we will come into contact with the public during the course of our work. Most venues will insist that we have our own public liability insurance. It will cover the cost of claims made against us by members of the public who are injured, or whose property is damaged as a result of our work.





ProDub Licence


Menham Entertainment are valid holders of a ProDub License to play music at live events.

These days more and more DJs are using digital equipment rather than physical CDs or vinyl records. It is a legal requirement for DJs who "format shift" digital music (eg. copy from one medium to another or make multiple backup copies of files) to hold a ProDub Licence, administered by PRS for Music on behalf of the rights owners. 

It is a requirement of a venue's own public performance licence that they validate the ProDub status of digital DJs playing there and we are now experiencing more and more venues asking for evidence. It's entirely feasible that a DJ or entertainer without ProDub may be denied access on the day of your event.

The correct licencing of music is a complex area. For example, most private parties held in venues with no public access are exempt from public performance licencing but visiting DJs working for gain must adhere to ProDub. If you'd like to discuss this in more detail with us, we'll be happy to try to explain things to you. Alternatively, visit PRS for Music or the specific ProDub website.